Tom Harvey

About me, and this site...

Not since sometime in the mid nineties have I had a site of my own! I've made plenty for others, some of which you can see in the Projects and Recent Work in here. I have also worked with Photographers and Videographers, providing technical services and support.

Showcasing this, storing little titbits of interest and usefulness and generally shouting off is why I now have a site all of my own. And, I quite like it. Read more to find out how I and it were made.

Recent Work

LGA London

One of London's top agencies were looking to speed up and get their website on to mobile standards, to help them showcase their photographers, videographers, stylists and art directors.
So, it was time to get them off of Flash and shared hosting; time to show how HTML5 can cover the basic flash animation effects, and that shared hosting is a dog.

I also took the time to shave milliseconds off here and there, optimising my javascript, CSS and Ruby, and using a Content Distribution Network for the scripts, images and videos. Not to mention a sweet custom back end.



Play Pt1

Sometime ago, when working for a popular fruit company I developed what verges on an obsession with the humble Play button. To save me boring fellow drinkers in the pub and parties I will, from now on, be using this web site as my output on this topic. hopefully you'll grow to appreciate its simple symbolism and use it as a starting point to delve into learning more about how users interact with their machines.


Prizes on offer if you can find me a non-standard play button, please do send me a photo. I've been assured by many an audio tech geek that they have seen one, once...but never proven it. So, photos of play buttons that lack a right facing triangle please.


Mudrunner 2010

The toughest muddiest race in the UK, 10Km through the Malvern Hills, up and down the track Land Rover use to test their machines.

There is no way I was running it! I just provided media an technical services.

Acting as one of the four photographers on the day, one of the ones least in the mud, and building the site to sell the photos saw me keep very busy that weekend.

It all paid off though, and providing a facebook tie in on the shop proved to be very popular, accounting for around 50% of the photo sales.


Rails 3

What you are looking at here is the first adventure in Rails 3, and the second major Rails update that has been inflicted on me.


And, like the last one, I'm sure this one will eventually be a godsend. In the meantime, here is how i hacked around the major issues I came across.


Secret London

A 48Hour crash course in web site launching.


One room full of people who wanted to get this thing off the ground as fast as possible. It was a joy to work under the rules in place; launch in 48 hours, and to be surrounded by so many people after a common goal.

It was an inspiring weekend, it only makes me long for the sense of urgency when waiting on week long design sign offs.


Jools Holland

I was the toe tapping camera tech on set for the filming of the Advert for the latest album from Jools Holland & Friends, Roskinghorse.

JoolsHolland2010video content

It was a great day to be around such talented musicians and they just kept on jamming all day long. Jamming load, and so the vibrations caused a few issues for the RED camera's capture RAID, so falsh memory to the rescue.

View the finished video after the jump.


Sunday Times

The second music festival of the summer for me as a photographer, this time for The Sunday Times and in the beautiful surroundings of the Latitude Festival in Norfolk.


The team at The Sunday Times were a blast, and it was a great festival to be at. More pictures and stories are after the break.



The first online store I wrote, around two years ago, is still going stronger than ever and continues to evolve. With has come both beauty and wisdom


Built from the ground up with Ruby on Rails it includes a number of client specific functions you won't find on off the shelf carts.The growth of Facebook and Twitter have also contributed to the success of this site, as Alva uses it to stay in touch with customers and find new ones.


Don't Lean Back

Show me the Money

The stock and Invoice tracking system allows these local small entrepreneurs keep on top of the numbers and produce the reports that they need.